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Our Week In Review – June 5, 2010

And what a week it has been!!  The first week of June is always a little crazy because of dance recital, but there’s been a ton of stuff this week.  So, hang on tight!!

Wild Man went to Tampa with Grams and Grandpa on Sunday.  They all stayed with Grandma on Sunday night and Grams and Grandpa went back to West Palm Beach on Monday, leaving Wild Man and Grandma to get ready for their trip.  And, get ready, they did!!  They got the van ready on Monday so they could leave first thing Tuesday morning.


On Tuesday, they drove to Pensacola so that they could see the Blue Angels perform Wednesday morning and visit the museum afterwards.  Afterwards, they drove on to Mobile, AL.

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Thursday was their day to visit the USS Alabama.  In addition, they got to see the submarine and various aircraft that are also there.  And I told Wild Man that he could NOT have a battleship gun in his bedroom when he gets home.

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That afternoon, they drove to Slidell, LA.  Of course, if you know Grandma, you would know that she has to stop and take a picture of Wild Man at every state line!!

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They spent Thursday night with a friend of Grandma’s in Slidell and then went on to Baton Rouge on Friday.  Last night (Friday), Wild Man and his great uncle sat up and watched the LSU baseball team win their game in extra innings.  Nothing like two die-hard LSU fans.  This morning, they went to the Louisiana state capitol building where Wild Man got to actually see the bullet holes from Huey Long’s assassination.  Talk about making history come alive!!

I think that things are going to slow down a little for a week or so.  I think the next big stop is the Alamo.  That’s OK, though, because Wild Man has had enough excitement to tie him over for quite a while!!

Rosie Girl had her last week of school (homeschool and public school) as well as the week before dance recital this week.  We did finally do the fetal pig dissection.  I did the actual dissection and we did it as a demonstration.  I was pleased to see that Rosie Girl remembered a good bit of the biology that she has learned through the year.  (And in consideration of my non-biologically science inclined readers, I won’t post pictures of the pig.)

Rosie Girl had two finals, but they just watched videos for both of them, because they were for choir and art.  She went to the school picnic on Thursday, got her yearbook, and hung around with her friends for a while as well as getting lots of signatures.  On Friday, she went to her usual classes (2nd and 3rd periods) but then was allowed to spend the rest of the day (it was a short day) going to classes with a friend.  Her friends and teachers are trying to get her to go to public school full-time, but she’s not interested.  She likes taking her two classes and doing everything else on her own schedule.

The dance rehearsals were the real fun and tiring thing for Rosie Girl (and PWM).  She had rehearsal every day this week except Wednesday.  She is dancing with her tap class and she and PWM are doing the Daddy-Daughter dance.  The first two shows were today.  I made it to the first one – Rosie Girl is just amazing at tap!!  And, the rest of the show was wonderful, too.  I am optimistic that my head will cooperate to let me go to the show tomorrow.  Rosie Girl’s best friend from school is also coming and it’s tradition to go out after the recital.

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I have had some wicked headaches this week, but I’m only mildly bummed out about not being able to mop the kitchen floor!  I got to go see the Milwaukee Public Museum’s Dead Sea Scrolls and the Bible exhibit.  I’ll write a whole post on that day.  A friend and I went together on Thursday and had a wonderful day!!

It’s been a really busy week.  I’m hoping to start painting the dining room next week, but we might just need to take a few days off to breathe!!

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We saw the Blue Angels perform a year or two ago; VERY impressive! Hope your headaches leave you alone!