Friday, June 18, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – June 18, 2010


I should call this “7 Quick Take Friday – The Semi-Coherent, Post-Migraine Edition”.  I was up till 4am with a migraine, so I slept till after noon today.  I’m still amazed at how exhausted these migraines can make me.  Well, you can amuse yourself by trying to see how many grammatical/spelling/logical errors you can find in this post and then blame it on the migraine and the meds!

1. Two more days till Rosie Girl turns 15!!  Since we’ve got other things planned for tomorrow and Sunday, we let her open her gifts today.  Her party and cake will be next week.  She’s a very happy girl since she got a Nintendo DSi and a gift card to Barnes and Noble.

2. I got new lenses in my glasses this week and can actually read small print again!!  I have to get used to the fact that every time I get new lenses I’m a little dizzy when I walk for a few days since I have progressive lenses now – AKA trifocals without lines.  My eye doctor is also very good at saying that I’m getting old without actually using the word old.  When I was working (as a family doc), I had about 3 or 4 techniques, but I think this optometrist must have 10.  In any case, I’m really enjoying something resembling normal vision again without having to bob my head up and down to get the item into the correct part of the lens.  With the new lenses, everything is “magically” in focus!!

3. Wild Man is now in Monterey, CA with his cousins.  He’s no longer calling us two and three times a day.  I wonder why?  It sounds like he’s having a blast, though.  I’ll post more photos next week, including the one of him with his foot in the Pacific Ocean.  He’s now had his feet in the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in the last month.

4. Mere Churchianity came in the mail yesterday and I started reading it.  So far, I’m loving it!!  I also got Evolving in Monkey Town today so I’ll be reading that one next.  Between my library books and new books, I have no reason to complain of boredom in the next few months!

5. A dear friend had a hemorrhagic stroke about a week and a half ago.  She has actually been doing quite well, so she was transferred yesterday to a rehab center, instead of a nursing home – Yippee!!  One sad thing is that the director of the Nutrition Center in our small town is moving (temporarily, we hope) to the Nutrition Center in the larger town because the friend who had the stroke is the director of the Center in the larger town.  So, our smaller town’s Center is getting two new women who will be splitting the job.

6. I’m just about finished with the hats I’m knitting for my friend who’s undergoing chemo.  This is good because I want to knit some socks for the friend who had the stroke who’s now in rehab.  I really think that handmade garments make one feel very loved, which is so important when one is very ill and trying to recover.

7. My mom wants me to make her a sweater like the one I made myself for Easter.  She’d better start praying that no one else gets sick!!  And, it is about time to get started on Christmas gifts!

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