Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lagniappe – June 22, 2010

  • According to one of the blogs I read, there is never an appropriate time to use the Comic Sans font.  Nonsense!!  Today is an appropriate time!  Hah!
  • I potted my lavender outside today.  It is the last of the seeds that I started inside.  Part of me feels kind of bad that I didn’t get it out until almost July, but it’s a perennial, so I should have several years of enjoyment from it.
  • All of my seed-starting materials are being taken to the basement today (after they dry off) to be taken out again next spring.  I plan to start a little earlier since I still don’t have petunia flowers, although the plants are growing like gang-busters!
  • Homeschooling conversation 1: 
    • While looking out the window watching two squirrels fighting. 
    • Me – Rosie Girl, look at those squirrels!  I think they’re making babies.  We can give you credit for sex ed! 
    • Rosie Girl – Mom!! (while rolling her eyes) 
    • PWM – Or, if they’re really fighting and one of them kills the other, we can call it criminal justice. 
    • Rosie Girl - (Deep Sigh and rolls eyes)
  • Homeschooling conversation 2:
    • PWM and Rosie Girl are sitting at the table working on Algebra when I come in from running a couple of errands.
    • Rosie Girl (reading from her computer screen) – Solve for “h”
    • Me –(writing on PWMs paper so as not to interfere with education) – Hot as Hades
    • PWM – Actually, that would be “h sub h” or “h sub H”
    • Gotta love having a math teacher in the family.  And, yes, it was HOT outside.
  • I didn’t think the garbage truck had come today because our garbage can is sitting up and has the top on it.  But, apparently, it did.  And the garbage folks didn’t just throw the can back into the yard.  Amazing.
  • Rosie Girl (who is now 15 – that’s another blog post) got a gift card to Barnes and Noble, so she and I had a lovely trip into town yesterday to get her some books.
  • One of the books that Rosie Girl chose is a cookbook of soups.  Ah, a child who loves to cook soups!!  Does life get any better?
  • Silver decided a couple of days ago that she was in desperate need of affection.  She rarely cries to be held, but she was just begging me to pet her.  I finally stopped what I was doing and held her and petted her.  I actually brushed her, which she enjoyed for quite a while.  When she quit enjoying it, though, instead of jumping off my lap, she nipped me!  How dare she!  Silver is not known for using her teeth as a tool of communication!  Well, she hasn’t gotten such wonderful treatment again.  I’m sure I must have hit a tender spot, but I still was not a happy mommy.
  • Wild Man is still in California with the cousins.  Today, they went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium!!  How fun!  And what a great chance to hang out with his cousins for a couple of weeks!

So, that’s all.  What’s new with you?

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Jamie said...

Homeschool conversation #1 really cracked me up. ;)