Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Fifteen Fun Facts About Rosie Girl!

In honor of Rosie Girl just turning fifteen years old this last Sunday, I’m going to tell you fifteen fun facts (gotta love alliteration) about my girl.

  1. Rosie Girl is a wonderful pianist.  She is currently working on a Bach Invention and a Chopin Valse. 
  2. Rosie Girl joined the choir at the public school this year and was awarded the “Most Promising Freshman” award!
  3. Rosie Girl loves doing origami.  She makes boxes, cranes, owls, flowers, and more.
  4. Rosie Girl has taken up duct tape art.  She has made me a wallet and made herself a topper for a pen in the shape of a flower.
  5. Rosie Girl is writing a novel.  ‘Nuff said.
  6. Rosie Girl has naturally curly hair that is completely from PWM’s genes!
  7. Rosie Girl started dance class when she was four years old.  Eleven years later, she’s gone through ballet, tap, jazz, and theater dance, but it’s tap that’s in her blood!
  8. Rosie Girl loves most veggies.  We’re getting beets in our CSA box next week and she’s looking forward to making borscht!
  9. Rosie Girl regularly wears my socks.  Not that I’m bitter or anything.
  10. Rosie Girl still loves Jungle Jam!
  11. Rosie Girl went to Washington D.C. with the school choir this spring.  It was her first trip without a family member and she had a blast!
  12. Rosie Girl played piano for one of the church choir songs at Christmas and then she and the friend who was turning pages for her also sang with the choir for the rest of the songs.
  13. Rosie Girl is growing raspberries and strawberries in our garden.
  14. Rosie Girl makes peppermint Italian soda with peppermint syrup and club soda.
  15. Rosie Girl and PWM are playing Pokemon and Zelda while Wild Man is on his trip with Grandma.

Of course, there is a lot more to my Rosie Girl than these fifteen things!  She’s an amazing young woman whom I have been privileged to love and parent for these last fifteen years.  I’m constantly amazed at her artistic abilities and at how hard she works to make herself better at her art.  She loves her family, even (and probably, especially) her little brother.  She made friends easily in her public school classes, but enjoys being educated mostly at home.  Rosie Girl can talk about her faith and is concerned about the faith of others.  Mostly, she’s a wonderful young woman who is growing every day into someone whom I can be even more proud of and love even more (which is hard to imagine).


pwm said...

Yep! She's a keeper!


ccc said...

Can she do an origami motorcycle?

Diane said...

What a talented girl. I am sure you are very proud.