Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Missing Wild Man

Wild Man has been gone on his trip with Grandma now for about 3 weeks, although I’ve only been away from him for 2 weeks.  There are some pros and cons to him being gone.


  1. It’s really quiet around here.  I love my boy, but he’s a constant source of sound.
  2. Less nagging to do.  One less kid means less time I have to spend making sure he does his chores.
  3. Less clutter.  Wild Man tends to leave a mess in his wake!
  4. He’s learning a lot and having a great time.


  1. Fewer hugs and less cuddling.  Wild Man is very affectionate and I’m seriously missing my hugs and just cuddling on the sofa.  Rosie Girl is doing her best to make up for it, though.
  2. Less silliness.  PWM and Rosie Girl are silly, but Wild Man is often the catalyst to even more silliness.
  3. Chores.  The rest of us have to do Wild Man’s chores!  PWM and I split taking out the trash, but I’m looking forward to not having to clean the bathtub anymore.
  4. Fun and games.  Wild Man loves to play games.  I rarely initiate the game playing and often have to turn him down because of headaches, but I do love to play games with him.  PWM and Rosie Girl are doing Pokemon and Zelda playing together this summer as their “bonding” activities.

The numbers may be even, but I think the “cons” win out and I MISS MY SON!!  Nonetheless, he said he had a great time at Carlsbad Caverns the other day.  They’re working their way toward Albuquerque right about now.  I love getting to see the pictures and hear all about the day’s activities whenever he calls.  But, I’ll really love seeing him whenever he gets home!

Rosie Girl and I are supposed to work on painting the dining room, but the darn migraines keep messing up my plans.  We did get to bond over my having a serious dizzy spell this morning.  Thankfully, some liquids and some more sleep cleared things up, but she sat beside me till I was better.  What a great kid!!  I may miss my Wild Man, but I’m thankful for my Rosie Girl!

How have you dealt with your children being gone for long periods of time?  Any more survival tips for me?

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