Friday, June 25, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – June 25, 2010


1. Today is Rosie Girl’s birthday party!  She is having three girls sleeping over.  PWM is next door at his mom’s “cottage” working on writing.  He mentioned something about “estrogen overload” – I have no idea what he’s talking about!!

2. After much wailing and gnashing of teeth (or maybe just redoing the icing and complaining a lot), Rosie Girl’s birthday cake is done.  I made the first batch of icing too thin, so I had to redo it.  Then, the design was too complicated for my skills, so Rosie Girl simplified it for me.  Finally, about an hour ago, I finished it.  Not my best work, but it’s infused with 15 years of love!


3. PWM and I bought a new bed yesterday and it’s being delivered tomorrow!  The bed we’re sleeping on now is the one that we bought from Grandma a few years ago (long story) and we’re giving it back to her since she’s moving next door.  Since we get a new one, we’re getting a queen sized bed again so that I don’t elbow PWM in the back anymore!

4. Wild Man and Grandma are on their way home!  They left California yesterday, but they won’t get back here until the end of next week.  Thankfully, they’ll get to go to most of Family Camp!  And I get my Wild Man back!

5. Mental Floss has a quiz about The Princess Bride today.  PWM scored 90%, I scored 80%, and Rosie Girl scored 70%.  Can you tell that this is one of our favorite movies?

6. I made Paula Deen’s beef stroganoff last night.  It was quite good, but I still prefer the recipe from my Better Homes and Gardens red and white checked cookbook.  It’s a bit more of an annoyance to make since it calls for 2Tbsp of tomato paste and some white wine.  In any case, I chop my mushrooms and onions very fine because I don’t like the texture of mushrooms. 

7. PWM’s book on CurrClick is selling pretty well.  Make sure to check it out – My Favorite Spacecraft!

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