Friday, November 01, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–November 1, 2013


1. Here are some great tips that will theoretically help you be more productive. I have no idea if they work. I haven’t gotten around to trying them. Clearly, I’m not very productive.

2. I lived in New Orleans when I was a med student and knew that they had the NFL New Orleans Saints, but I had no idea about a NBA franchise. Well, they are trying to remedy that problem by rebranding the NBA team and giving it a new mascot, the New Orleans Pelicans! And that is one scary mascot!

3. For true C.S. Lewis fans, here is a conversation between the White Witch and the Green Witch from the Narnia series.

4. Our family LOVES Enders Game (the book) and many of the sequels. Rosie Girl and Wild Man are going tomorrow night to see the movie and I’m just a bit jealous. Here’s some things to know about the movie. And, if your family hasn’t read the book yet, you should.

5. Another good book is Kenobi. We’re still reading it as an evening read-aloud, but it has had wonderful reviews. The author is a friend of ours. What’s kind of funny is that we met up here in The Great White North, but the author was probably at LSU when PWM and I were there.

6. I’ve recently gotten into the Game of Thrones series of books. I’m really not interested in watching the HBO series. I think watching all the violence and sexuality will not enhance the story any and will likely make it less appealing to me. I’ll stick with the books for the moment.

7. And, guess what? Fannie Flagg has a new book out: The All-Girl Filling Station’s Last Reunion. Actually, it doesn’t release till the 5th, but I’m already like 20-something on the hold list at the library. I’ll let you know what I think of it when I’ve actually read it!

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