Thursday, October 31, 2013

Halloween 2013

It is a dreary, damp Halloween night. Thankfully, Trick or Treat hours were on Sunday when it was nice out and the neighborhood kids could run around without getting cold and wet.


Wild Man also got to be all Halloween-y over the weekend by performing on the “Haunted Trails”, an “interactive theater experience” put on by the Weyauwega-Fremont Choir and Drama Club. Actors in costume were stationed along a trail in the woods behind the school. The people who wanted to be scared would be led into the woods, all holding onto a rope so they would stay together, and a story would unfold as they walked the trail. Wild Man was “SlenderMan”. If you don’t know who that is (i.e. if you’re an adult), you’ll need to Google it, because I still don’t completely understand why this dude is scary. Well, except for the lack of facial features. That’s pretty weird. Thankfully, they decided not to do any performances tonight because of the bad weather.


It’s also nice for Wild Man that they aren’t performing tonight because he has a paper due. Every Thursday, he has a paper or paper revision due for his WriteAtHome online class. Unfortunately, tonight is a brand new paper, albeit just a first draft. Between the Haunted Trails over the weekend and the choir performance earlier in the week, though, he hadn’t started the paper and is just now writing it. He has till midnight. One thing I’m learning about homeschooling, though, is that I need to stay out of these independent classes. This is between him and his writing coach. Although I am about to tell him to GET OFF FACEBOOK!!

So, the winter drearies are starting early, it appears. We haven’t seen the sun in a couple of days and the weather forecast isn’t looking promising. PWM and I both need sunshine for our mental health. Barring that, bright light will have to do. We turn the lights up during the day around here. We also take Vitamin D and try to get some exercise. PWM has a really bright light that he keeps over his desk that he turns on every morning. Here’s hoping that our moods stay up this winter!!

PWM and Wild Man had their flu shots this morning. I had mine last week and it really hurt, but I had a significant local reaction to it. I had an area of redness and induration that was about 2 by 3 inches that took a full week to resolve. PWM and Wild Man are both complaining of more pain this year, too, but I don’t think they have the skin reaction as well.

PWM has two sock classes to teach tomorrow. I doubt I’ll be awake and alert enough to help him with the 8am class, but I’ll be in the 6pm class with him as long as I don’t have a bad headache. I love knitting socks, but I’m not nearly as good a teacher as PWM. I can help one-on-one, though. And it’s always nice to help people learn a new skill.

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