Thursday, November 14, 2013

Thursday, November 14, 2013

So, it’s been a rough week on the headache front. The migraine started Monday night and finally ended today. The worst part was Wednesday early am when I had a couple of hours of violent vomiting and diarrhea. But, now it appears to be over, so I get a couple of days of recovery.

With the migraine, I’ve done a lot of “sleeping” (lying down with my eyes closed and sometimes even being unconscious, but it’s not always restful). I’ve also gotten some work done on the two sweaters I’m knitting. When the headache isn’t too bad, I’ve done some reading.

I tried to watch the new History Channel show about the Bible. With a title like “Bible Secrets Revealed”,  I shouldn’t have expected much. It delivered even less. In the first thirty minutes (before I got too exasperated and turned it off), they managed to say that the resurrection was made up and added to the end of the Gospels, that the virgin birth was based on a mistranslation, and that the Gospels weren’t “written” by anyone who actually knew Jesus. Ack! None of those things are factually correct and the evidence for what they are stating needs to be laid out against the evidence for the claims made by Christianity. Of course, managing to make those claims in thirty minutes, means that they weren’t able to provide a remotely decent argument, just an expert with a few random facts. I should know better than to expect real in-depth thought from the network that brings us “Ancient Aliens”.

And, I’m done ranting. I think I’ll go read some before bed. What about you? Anything interesting in your life?

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