Thursday, November 07, 2013

Reality TV - November 7, 2013

I like watching several kinds of reality shows on TV. Some of them I set to watch on the DVR while others I catch when I have a chance. PWM and I enjoy watching TV while we’re knitting in the evening.

Tonight was Project Runway All-Stars. This has become a routine for me to watch, especially since I’ve gotten into knitting. How do knitting and fashion relate? Well, a lot of stuff to do with knitting IS fashion. The colors that are hot this season affect what we keep in stock in the shop. The shapes of jackets and sweaters, in particular, affect the patterns that are likely to sell. Besides, it’s fun. I’m not terribly interested in interpersonal politics, but I like the fabrics and the designs.

Cooking shows are some of my other favorite shows. I’m pretty religious about watching Top Chef. I like to cook, but know nothing about professional cooking, so this gives me an insight into the world of the professional chef. I also enjoy Chopped, but I always say that Chopped is just like a busy parent who’s trying to come up with dinner on a busy evening! And, of course, there are Next Iron Chef and Food Network Star that are enjoyable as well.

When we are just channel surfing and looking for something to watch, PWM and I will often watch Pawn Stars and American Pickers. They aren’t competition shows but they are reality shows and are pretty interesting.

The only other TV that I really enjoy is documentaries and the occasional PBS period drama, particularly Downton Abbey. What kinds of TV do you watch? Any recommendations for me?

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