Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My GQ Man - November 20, 2013


When Wild Man was 6 or 7 years old, he loved to dress in nice dress clothes for church. He would wear dress pants with a vest and tie. Our pastor often commented that he was outdressed by Wild Man. (We go to a pretty casual church.) He outgrew that phase and has been pretty much into jeans and T-shirts like the rest of the family until recently.

Now that he’s in Youth Band and on the adult Worship Team at church, he has need of wearing things a little dressier than T-shirts. Well, at least T-shirts without words on them. And, for school choir performances, he definitely has to wear nice clothes.

Yesterday, he decided that he wanted to wear a nice shirt and tie to school for band and choir. So, he did. He wore a black shirt with a red patterned tie. Today, he wore a black shirt with a blue patterned tie. I think he may need more shirts to continue the trend, but he likes how he looks. So do I. It’s classy.


He’s my GQ Man!!

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