Friday, November 08, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–November 8, 2013


And it’s Friday again! And you know what that means!!

1. Wild Man got his temps/learners permit!! He can start to drive with an adult in the car!! Now let’s see when we can find enough time for someone to get enough time to drive with him. He’s already done the classroom part of his driver’s ed course and he is about to set up time to drive with his instructor. Watch out world!!

2. The Winter Olympics are coming in a few months! Here’s a cool article about what some of the athletes do for a living. What’s amazing is that they have jobs and still have time to train to be world class athletes. Talk about commitment!

3. Wild Man has dyslexia and had to work really hard to learn to read. It was clear when he was learning phonics that his eyes didn’t track properly, and one of the things that really helped him was vision therapy. He also tended to mix up his “m”s and “w”s, which is unusual with dyslexics. They’re more likely to get “b”s and “d”s switched. Here is an interesting article showing some ways that dyslexics may see written words. No wonder they hate reading! Thankfully, a heavy dose of tutoring and vision therapy has gotten Wild Man to reading well. Now to get spelling and grammar caught up!

4. Here’s a cute button! It reminds me of when I would hear my mom coming when I was supposed to be cleaning my room!

5. So, how did an alligator escape in O’Hare Airport? Crazy! I’m from Florida, so I’m used to hearing about alligators showing up in places that they’re not supposed to be, but, Chicago? Really?

6. I love sleep. Really. PWM wonders how I made it through medical school with my love of sleep. Apparently, in past centuries in the Northern Hemisphere, people didn’t always just sleep in one long period of sleep every night. They actually had several hours of sleep, a couple of hours of quiet wakefulness, then more sleep. Overall, though, they probably got eight hours of sleep total. How interesting.

7. Here’s a great article about whether or not Forrest Gump could have survived his cross-country run. I’m not remotely interested in running, but I liked the take-home message that exercise is best when you’re not concerned about the finish line, but about the moment itself. Read the article. It’s good.

Check out Conversion Diary to see what others have been up to this week. And have a great week!!

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