Friday, May 30, 2008

Favorite Homeschool Moment(s)

My favorite homeschool moment?! There are so many! Here are a couple:

1. I love read-aloud time at night. Mr. Math Teacher reads to the rest of us. I knit, Wild Man plays legos, and Ga'hoole Girl does something crafty like origami. On weekends, Mr. Math Teacher will often read in the middle of the day, too. It's a special time.

2. Another favorite time is when the kids and I snuggle on the sofa first thing in the morning. It's not truly "homeschooling" but we can only do it because we homeschool. We tend to get up kind of late, so we are cuddling on the sofa while the rest of the kids in the neighborhood are on their way to school.

3. I also love when I look outside to see my kids playing with each other. They have gotten to the age where they play almost as equals, with both of them contributing to the story, the building, whatever. It's so cool to see my kids enjoying each other's company. I also love it when they do something that is based on what we've been studying - watching birds, making seige engines, playing Medieval Village, etc.

Addendum: I got onto the wrong page at Heart of the Matter Online somehow, so I did the meme from March! EEK! Anyway, this week is supposed to be the most exciting homeschool moment. I'll try to put up another post later today based on that topic.

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