Saturday, May 24, 2008


I used to enjoy watching the TV show ER until they did a C-section in the Emergency Department. That was just too much for me. But, I did know the ER from the perspective of a doctor for several years when I was working. During my last year of working, I also got to know the ER from the perspective of a patient, having had to go in for treatment of severe migraines several times. I have been fortunate, though, that I haven't been in need of ER services for over two years - until tonight.

My migraine today started at 4 in the afternoon. I took my usual cocktail of medications without relief. I also tried non-medication things like watching a movie for distraction. But, by 6pm, I needed extra help. So, Mr. Math Teacher and I spent three hours in the ER for me to get iv medications. We're home now and I feel like a whole new person - it's quite a change from several hours ago when I was throwing up my guts and I was sure my head was going to explode.

Despite all the "fun" of the evening, I did realize that I have several things for which to be thankful.
1. I haven't needed to visit the ER for migraine treatment in over two years. I still have the migraines, and often (i.e. several time a week) have to adjust my plans, but the pain and nausea have been under pretty decent control.
2. I didn't have to wait long for treatment in the ER. Part of this is because our rural ER isn't often full to overflowing, but another part is because they do a very good job of triage and getting treatment to people who need it quickly.
3. The ER staff (doctors and nurses) are all quite good. Not only did they treat me well tonight, but I have seen them work behind the scenes and have been pleased with their work.
4. I have a wonderful husband who has never made me feel bad about having migraines. He didn't hesitate about taking me in for treatment. He took excellent care of me the entire time, making sure I had water to drink, a washcloth for my face, etc. He also called the kids several times to make sure they were OK and reassure them that I was fine.

The ER is not a place I want to spend an evening, but if I have to, I'm glad that our rural hospital has a good ER and that I have a wonderful husband. Mostly, I'm glad that God is still in charge.


Staci at Writing and Living said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

Staci at Writing and Living said...

A couple of years ago I happened upon an old rerun of the show "Emergency!" from the seventies (about the paramedics in LA). Anyway, they had a scene where they took a guy into the ER. The same doctor that met them in the ER was shown in a later scene performing some kind of heart surgery. Now THAT is a versatile doctor.