Wednesday, May 21, 2008

I Love . . . . Achoo . . . .Springtime!

Yes, it's definitely spring. Everything seems to be blooming right now. And, this year, I appear to be allergic to everything. I took loratadine last night before bed, but was still sneezing and had itchy eyes this morning, so I took another dose. There was absolutely no effect. On the drive to reading lessons, Ga'hoole Girl told me it looked like I had been crying. My eyes were red and puffy and I still couldn't stop sneezing. So, I stopped at a convenience store and picked up some Tylenol Allergy med with chlorpheniramine and phenylephrine. I was kind of tired on the way home, but things were improving. When we got home, the symptoms started to return, so I took some diphenhydramine. This has worked the best so far, but I've been in a fog all evening. And, of course, the allergies just make my headache worse. I'm hoping it doesn't trigger a migraine. In any case, I've got some generic Zyrtec for tonight. I'm hoping to avoid the diphendydramine tomorrow.

Allergies have not been this bad for me before. Last year, I had more symptoms than I had had previously. Before that, I think I avoided some problems because I worked most days in a hermetically sealed building and came home to a house that was often air-conditioned. Now, I'm home most of the time, and we don't use the air conditioning till it gets downright hot. We haven't even put the window units back upstairs yet, so we sleep with the window open. Whatever the cause, I hope that the cetirizine (Zyrtec equivalent) and restarting my nasal steroid will keep my allergies under better control these next couple of weeks. After all, it's almost dance recital week!


Staci at Writing and Living said...

Wow. That's a lot of antihistamines. :)

We finally had to start running the air. Not so much for the heat, but allergies were getting the best of us all.

kc said...

Sorry to hear you have allergies like the rest of us in Hot Lanta. I tried it all too and concluded that pseudophedrine worked best for me. Although I'm still stuffy but not as much. Hope you feel better soon!