Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Works For Me Wednesday - November 26, 2008

WFMW I mentioned earlier that we have done a better job this month of getting chores done.  I thought I'd share one thing I've used to help my kids.  I actually learned this from a mom I knew when we lived in Kentucky, even before I had kids.

For each room, this mom had typed out "This room (bedroom, bathroom, whatever) is clean when" . . . and then listed all the things that have to be done for that room to be clean.  About a month ago, I posted the kids' chore lists on the dining room wall instead of putting them just in the binder.  Then, I made "Your room is clean when . . ." lists for their rooms.  I plan to make lists for the bathroom chores as well - "The toilet area is clean when . . .", "The vanity area is clean when . . . ", and "The bathroom floor is clean when . . ."  The bedroom list includes the following: clean clothes put away, dirty clothes in hamper, everything picked up off floor, floor is clean (swept once a week), the bed is made.  Now the kids don't guess about whether or not their room is clean enough for my taste.  And, frankly, even with the list, I'd be happier if things were a little more tidy on the desks and in the drawers, but the list gives us all a reference.

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Jilann said...

That's a great idea. You'd think by now that my kids would know what I mean when I say clean their room. But, perhaps if I wrote it down in this way, it would help. Giving me and them a point of reference to say, "Remember, this is what I'm expecting?!" Thanks for the great tip.

Ann Kroeker said...

I love that idea. I even thought one time it would be good to take a photo of key areas (or the whole room) when it is clean that they can refer to. It seems that would go nicely as a support to your text! I never acted on my idea, but your post is reminding me. It's a positive way of visualizing a checklist.