Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm soooo funny!

We've been laughing a good bit this morning! I'm not known as a comedienne, but I think I did have a few funnies.

While talking to my dad on the phone:
Dad - Just a piece of info. Your mom and I have been married for 43 years as of today.
Me - Great! (to Wild Man who was sitting with me) Grandpa and Grams have been married for 40 years!
Dad - No, it's been 43 years.
Me - Oh, yeah. I'm 41. Yikes, I think I just shredded your reputation!

While talking to my daughter in the kitchen:
Ga'hoole Girl - I wrapped my best friend's Christmas present last night.
Me - Great! So, have you wrapped my gift yet?
Ga'hoole Girl - Oh, yeah! I wrapped yours a couple of weeks ago.
Me - So, there's no point in snooping while you're gone to piano lesson.
Ga'hoole Girl - Um, no!
Me - Well, that frees up my afternoon. (Mr. Math Tutor proceeded to berate me for even thinking about snooping for presents. He doesn't seem to believe that I was totally and completely joking. Really. Honest. Would I lie?)

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