Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Works for Me Wednesday - November 12, 2008

WFMW I love plastic page protectors!  Mr. Math Tutor and I use them for all kinds of things around our house. 

  • Mr. Math Tutor keeps an accordion file of his music for church (he plays bass guitar).  Each week, he pulls out the music that he needs and puts it into the plastic page protectors in his binder.  The pages stay nice and clean and are easy for him to read.
  • My homemade cookbook is a binder with page protectors to protect the recipes.  Originally, all the recipes were printed from the computer and everything looked nice and neat.  Now, though, I have some recipes that I cut from the newspaper, some printed from the web, and some handwritten.  The concept is great, though, because I put the binder on the counter for cooking and don't worry about spilling on it.  The pages are really easy to clean.
  • Last year, I was having the kids do notebooking.  I had them write a paragraph or so and then illustrate it.  I put the completed pages into page protectors in a binder.  It really works well if the kids do scrapbook-like activities for their pages, with decorations, stickers, etc.  The only time we did that was when the kids did a feather activity and put the pages with feathers glued to them in the page protectors.
  • My household notebook is a binder with pages in page protectors.  This notebook has a printed address list, our weekly menus, and everyone's chore lists.  Unfortunately, we don't use it the way I intended because I don't leave it sitting out on a table.  But, it was a great idea.
  • I printed the kids' chore lists and put them in page protectors and hung them on the wall of the dining room (since we don't open the household notebook every day like I planned).  The kids check off their chores with dry-erase marker as they are done.  Wild Man really loves checking things off lists.

When purchasing page protectors, you can get flimsy or more sturdy protectors.  I prefer the more sturdy version for things where we will be using dry-erase markers.  The surface is more smooth, so the marker goes on and off very easily.

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