Wednesday, November 05, 2008


I finally got my pillows in the living room recovered!  I bought the pillows with the sofa about 12 years ago.  Since then, the sofa has been reupholstered, but the pillows have just been getting more and more ratty.  They actually have holes in the fabric from where the fabric has just worn out.  Clearly, these are well-used pillows.

A few weeks ago, I talked to Mr. Math Tutor about recovering the pillows and getting new blinds/shades for the dining room and Ga'hoole Girl's room.  He was concerned about cost, though.  We decided that I could use $150 from his last substituting job to purchase what I needed for redecorating.  So, I went for really cheap shades from Wal-Mart since we don't really use them all that often - $40.  Then, I picked fabric from JoAnn's.  They had 3 yards of my first choice fabric (the one with all the yellow) and then I picked 3 yards of another fabric.  They were both 50% off - $60!  I already had a valance made to go over the bay window, but just hadn't gotten around to putting it up.

Today, Mr. Math Tutor's mom (Grandma) made the pillows for me (in about 1/4 of the time it would have taken me).  Mr. Math Tutor put up the rod and valance for me.  And, me?  I took pictures!  Here they are!

SANY0977 SANY0979

I'm just thrilled at the look of our living room.  The yellow brightens up the room tremendously and matches the paint in the sunroom (just through some french doors to the left in the picture).  Now, I just need to get around to painting the dining room and kitchen - maybe in the spring.

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