Sunday, November 16, 2008

Telling Our Story . . .

This morning, Mr. Math Tutor and I were interviewed at church for a sermon series called "Case Studies in Faith". Actually, I was interviewed on video on Wednesday because we were concerned I would have a migraine today if I was scheduled to be on stage. (And, indeed, I did have a migraine, although I was able to at least by at church for a while this morning.) Our pastor interviewed Mr. Math Tutor on stage (pre-discussed questions) and interspersed my answers on video. The interview focused on life the last three years - headaches, quitting work, financial changes, etc. Afterwards, our pastor preached a short sermon on what we have learned through all this. Starting tomorrow or Tuesday, the mp3 of the interviews and sermon will be here. I hope that others can learn something from our lives over the last several years. Check out the mp3 to hear how it went!

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