Friday, November 07, 2008

Our School Room - Heart of the Matter Online November 7, 2008


Today's Heart of the Matter Online meme is for us to show our school room or area where we do our schoolwork. We do schoolwork pretty much anywhere in the house that we happen to be. The kids are quite interested in cooking, so we do lots of stuff in the kitchen. Wild Man has been enjoying making bread recently while Ga'hoole Girl likes cooking meals and making candy.

We do have a schoolroom, which has desks for both kids as well as a timeline and book shelves.SANY0981 SANY0983

My absolute favorite part of the schoolroom, though, is these pull-out shelves. They are original to the house, which is about 60 years old, and are part of the reason I wanted to live in this house. We keep board games on the top couple of shelves with art supplies and science supplies in the bottom couple of shelves.SANY0985

Of course, very little schoolwork actually gets done in the school room. The living room is the most likely place to find us reading individually or out loud. The kids particularly like the beanbag.SANY0798

We didn't have any room in the school room for our world map, so it ended up in the dining room. For a while, I had it under a vinyl tablecloth on the table, but the tablecloth ripped and the map was getting messed up. We ended up putting it on the wall in the dining room. Since we have all kinds of discussions, including geography, at the dinner table, it's pretty convenient.SANY0980

Wild Man asked what I was writing about today and I told him it was about where we do our schoolwork. He said, "We do it all over the place!" Indeed.

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Angela said...

I miss having my map by the dining table--you are right, that is a GREAT conversation starter!

Love your pictures!

Christy said...

Those are some cool shelves.

Dana said...

Beautiful room! And I think that even if we had a school room, most of our schooling would take place elsewhere, as well.

Renae said...

The pull-out shelves are great! We have a school-type area, but we do lessons every where else.

My son's room is the current favorite place. My husband found a futon, and Bug claimed it. I enjoy reading to the kids while they all build with Lego.