Saturday, November 22, 2008

Our Week in Review - November 22, 2008

Our-Week-In-Review-3 We had a highly "artistic" week this week! Overall, I'm pleased with how our week went, although I would have preferred to have gotten more Sonlight stuff done. It would be easier to get the Sonlight done if I could find the Story of the World CD! The thing I am most happy about right now is that the house is clean and has been for about a month. I have been more direct about making sure the kids get their chores done properly every day. We have also all been very good about making beds and cleaning rooms, something that was a lower priority until recently.

On Monday, the kids did mostly math, reading, and some science. Ga'hoole Girl woke up early that morning and made breakfast, did her chores, and started schoolwork, all before I woke up! They had dance in the afternoon, followed by Wild Man's first drum lesson! We're not sure what we're going to do about further drum lessons, though. Wild Man wants to play a drum set, which is expensive. In addition, we will need to find another teacher since the teacher he went to on Monday teaches percussion, not drum set. But, he did say that Wild Man is clearly left-handed for drum playing, and that he's ready to learn. After drum lesson, was AWANA.

Tuesday was our weekly trip to Appleton. Unfortunately, I was getting a migraine, so I was feeling pretty yucky by the time we got home. We went by Hobby Lobby and picked up some crafting items so the kids can make Christmas presents. We also listened to a good bit of The People of Sparks on the CD. One thing that was encouraging was the Wild Man didn't want to listen to the CD on our way to the grocery store because he was reading a book he got from the library. That's does a mother's heart good.

Wednesday and Thursday were serious crafting days! Both kids did a bunch of Sculpey work. Ga'hoole Girl has been making figurines for friends. Wild Man is doing something that he won't let me see. While they were working, Mr. Math Tutor or I would read to them. We watched several Food Network shows and a show about the Sears Tower on the DVR.

Cooking was the order of the Day on Friday for Ga'hoole Girl. She did all of her chores in quick order so she could get to making her lemon meringue pie, which turned out wonderful! Wild Man did more "school" type work on Friday, including Explode the Code, handwriting, reading, and narrating a letter.

Both kids have been quite excited about the appearance in our neighborhood of a white crow. The temperature was well below 20 degrees yesterday and Thursday mornings, but the kids went out with the video camera to take a picture of the crow. Sadly, they haven't yet been successful.

Ga'hoole Girl and I had a good discussion of burns and burn care after I got some small (thankfully!) steam burns on my knuckles from opening the pressure cooker without mitts. While I stood in the kitchen with ice on my fingers, she and I discussed how to treat small burns, the function of the skin, why large burns are serious (dehydration and infection), etc.

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Kris said...

You've just gotta love when they want to read. ;-)

Sounds like a great week!

KC said...

You MUST share the way you get the kids to do the chores, willingly!!!!

Catherine said...

I asked the kids what I should say and they said that they do their chores because they are wonderful, perfect children. I was going to say that I threaten their lives. The truth is really more that I hold their media time hostage - no chores, no Nintendo that day. It's amazing how motivating that can be!