Saturday, November 01, 2008

Our Week in Review - November 1, 2008


Our-Week-In-Review-3What a week! Grandma is visiting this week, which is really fun, but we've also been quite busy with Halloween preparations, etc.  I still have my headache, and have also had a terrible time with insomnia.  But, we're getting through.

I did get Wild Man's Robin Hood tunic finished Monday night - a one-hour sewing project that only took me five hours.  EEK!  That may have contributed a smidge to Monday night's migraine.  Both kids are now taking Theater Dance on Mondays and are having a blast.  Apparently, they learned a routine to "Love Potion Number 9" that was really fun.  Wild Man is also loving AWANA.  In fact, he spent all day today at an AWANA activity where they were going to play, but also do lots of handbook work.

Tuesday was an adventure.  I realized early in the afternoon that Ga'hoole Girl SANY0965had group lesson that night instead of a daytime lesson.  Mr. Math Tutor had Worship Team practice that night, so I had to be the driver - thankfully, the headache had calmed down enough that it wasn't too big of a deal.  The one little problem was that we had the time wrong.  We got there a little before 6pm to find that her group lesson wasn't until 7pm.  So, we took a little trip to Wendy's for dinner and then back to the Academy for the group lesson.

Grandma came on Wednesday and the kids and I got to go to the airport to pick her up.  She was having a crazy day, having temporarily misplaced her drivers' license.  She was allowed on the plane since she had lots of other ID, and a friend was able toSANY0969 find the drivers' license in Grandma's house so it's on the way here so Grandma can get on the plane home next week!

Having Grandma here is a blast.  She's actually staying at a friend's house, but comes over here at breakfast and leaves around bedtime.  Grandma is something of a world traveler these days, so we have been watching DVDs about Ireland as well as looking at her pictures of Ireland and Scandinavia (separaSANY0972te trips!).

Grandma and Wild Man made his cape and hat  on Thursday - in about an hour, like the pattern says!  Then, she went to work on Ga'hoole Girl's cape.  It was labeled as a two-hour pattern, but we chose a fabric that is very stretchy and hard to work with  - sorry, Grandma - so it took a little longer than expected to finish.  Nonetheless, by dinnertime, all costumes were made and kids were thrilled (I don't know why they don't look happy in the picture).

Last night was trick-or-treat hours in our town.  The last two years, I have run out of candy, so I bought tons this year.  I didn't run out and we actually have some left over.  The kids andSANY0968 Mr. Math Tutor canvassed just about the entire town and came back with very sore feet, but very full buckets.  Yes, they have been on sugar highs!

Today, Ga'hoole Girl and Grandma went to lunch and a movie while Wild Man has been at his AWANA activity.  I'm sure something educational happened this week, but I can't think of anything specifically.  We start Core 7 then end of next week.  Until then, it's lots of Grandma time!


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KC said...

Sounds like a fun week! C has asked what Ga Hoole girl was for Halloween. I'm not sure either but guessed it was from Harry Potter? Am I right? I'm looking forward to wrapping up our presidents/election unit today and having an election party tomorrow. We're going to do 2 days on leaves and photosynthesis and hopefully (fingers crossed) go to the Jim Henson exhibit on Friday which is at the Center of Puppetry Arts. I figured both of the kids would enjoy that. You get to see his puppets, how he made them, watch a puppet show, and even make a puppet of their own. I've never thought E would enjoy the "Center" but with these puppets, I think both would like it---Sesame Street and Muppets---what's not to like? Anyway, hope you guys are staying warm!