Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Crazy Time Ahead

In the last few years, I’ve become adamant about the importance of rest and downtime for our whole family. The kids are involved in a number of activities, but it doesn’t often get overwhelming because they’re homeschooled.

BUT, the last two months have been pretty psycho with getting moved into our new house (and we still have some stuff to get out of the old house by next weekend) AND the next three months look to be even more busy for all four of us! I’m trying to figure how to “schedule” in some free time. Even our Mondays, when the shop is closed, have become busy!


We have to finish moving out of the East Main house and into the West Main house. We close on both houses on April 19th – an hour apart at the same title company!

Rosie Girl is in the process of buying a car with money mostly from her grandparents. She’s found a car she likes and is having a mechanic look at it. If it is THE one, it stays at the used car dealer for a few days to have the window tinting removed, but then it’s hers!!

Wild Man has a band concert sometime during the month.

Schoolwork. ‘Nuff said.


Wild Man turns 15 at the beginning of the month!! Thankfully, all he wants for a celebration is to go out to eat and to a movie with friends. I think I can handle that.

Rosie Girl has her senior piano recital in the middle of the month. She and one other girl will be performing. They will each do four or five piano pieces. As a special treat, they will be performing the piece that Rosie Girl composed last summer at music camp – Rosie Girl on ocarina and the other girl on piano!

Rosie Girl and PWM will drive to Georgia to pick up a car from my brother sometime during the month (I think). Hopefully, they can do a quick Saturday – Monday trip.

During this month, PWM and I get to start looking at the cottage behind the house and deciding what needs to be done to turn it into a yarn shop.

The last week of May is the week before dance recital which means that Rosie Girl will have lots of rehearsals – stage and dress rehearsals.

Finish schoolwork.


The first weekend of June is the dance recital. This year, there are four shows divided over two days. Rosie Girl is a helper with a ballet class and a tap class and will be performing with her tap class, with the instructors for their dance, in the daddy-daughter dance, and do her senior piece (a tap piece to Dr. Who theme music). She’s looking forward to it, though – it’s her last dance recital of high school.

The next weekend will be Rosie Girl’s high school graduation/birthday party! And the grandparents are coming! Rosie Girl doesn’t want a “graduation ceremony”, although she does want a mortar board graduation hat to wear during the party.

And a week later, Grandma and the kids leave on their trip to Ireland! The day that they leave is the start of Fiber Rain, a community fiber/yarn project in downtown Appleton in which The Knitting Nest is participating!

And, we’ll still be working on the yarn shop!


The first week of July is when we go to Family Camp – and we are going to need it! I may very well sit on a swing out by the lake for the entire week. And perhaps even refuse to come home.

If I seem a bit frazzled over the next few months, this is why. But, with some planning, I hope we can have some rest and relaxation so we get maximal enjoyment out of these activities! And I’ll make sure to get in some extra time for reading, prayer, and meditation. And pray that the Botox helps the headaches.

How do you stay sane when life gets busy?

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