Wednesday, April 17, 2013

So It Was Good That I Planned

I woke up yesterday morning with a rip-roaring migraine. I sat down at the table with my Imitrex and PWM read to me a Facebook message that a dear friend of mine had tried to commit suicide the night before (Sunday night). After a nice, long cry, I took my Imitrex. Which didn’t seem to help much.

1402975075The good thing about the day was that I had planned out Wild Man’s schoolwork, so he could just do what he needed without much input from me. It was also good that I had planned out meals and made a grocery list, so PWM went grocery shopping. I wasn’t up to making the meatloaf like I planned, so Rosie Girl ended up making some delicious Chicken-Asparagus Soup. Yum!! But, I now have the ingredients for the rest of the week.

I was feeling better today, so I took the laundry to the laundromat and got it all started, but then my headache came back just as bad as yesterday. PWM, Wild Man, and Rosie Girl all worked to get the clothes done while keeping the shop open, so I could come home and take my Imitrex and sleep the rest of the day. ACK!

As far as I know, Wild Man kept up with his schoolwork today since he had his list. And the three of them worked together to get the kitchen cleaned.

My friend is in the hospital and doing better. I got to chat with her on the computer a little bit tonight and am feeling more optimistic about her situation.

And I have no fixed engagements for tomorrow. I’m just praying that I get through with minimal headache. It’s seriously time for the Botox to kick in.

How have things been in your part of the world?

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