Saturday, April 06, 2013

Our Week In Review–April 6, 2013


These blog posts are helpful because they remind me that my kids are learning things even when it didn’t feel like it so much during the week.

Wild Man

History – Late 19th century, Gilded Age, Unions. I forgot to give him comprehension questions this week, but we had a nice discussion that made it clear that he has been reading and understanding the significance of the events.

Literature – Out of the Dust.

Bible – BibleMesh. He’s learning about the early years of the church and the book of Acts. Good stuff.

Science – Oceans, currents, reefs.

Grammar – nouns, plural nouns

Writing – Wrote a book review on Artemis Fowl

Math – Assessment this week.

Music – Band (going to see The Lion King at the PAC next week), playing electric guitar in Sunday morning church, leading youth band.

Rosie Girl

Social Science – Reading her Psychology books. She wasn’t thrilled with the sections about research and the scientific method, but is happier with the section on cognition.

Literature – Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

Japanese – More Rosetta Stone

Math – Lots and lots of functions, parabolas

Music – Practicing piano for her recital.

Dance – Taught a tap class this week!! Otherwise, continuing to take tap and assist in ballet. She’s planning to start choreographing her senior piece next week.


This does make me feel a little better. They are learning things. Deep sigh.

What has your school week looked like? See what others are up to at Weird, Unsocialized Homschoolers!


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