Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Lagniappe April 23, 2013


For the last 2 weeks, I’ve gone to church on Sunday morning and had terrible migraines on Monday. Related? I really hope not!!

Now that we own our house, I’m ready to put up our pictures!! Yippee!! I was going to do that today except for the previously noted migraine. (By today, I mean “Monday” even though I’m writing at 2am, so it’s really Tuesday. Yeah. Confusing.)

I’m reading a book about Scientology. Wow. Talk about a weird religion.

We have snow in the forecast again this week. I hope there’s no snow on my birthday. In July.

I’ve suddenly become obsessed with the color peacock blue. Why? I have no idea.

Why am I awake at 2am? Because I took 4 long naps today because of the migraine. I usually try not to let me sleep get so off kilter because of headaches, but I was just soooooooo tired with this migraine. Yikes.

I’m currently working on the Traveling Woman shawl using Paton’s Silk Bamboo yarn. I do love silk! I’m also making a baby sweater using some Debbie Macomber Morning Glory Cotton. My job is so hard.

What’s up in your life?

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