Saturday, April 27, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–This Old House Edition


This week’s 7 Quick Takes is dedicated to our “new” house – which is a good 80+ years old!

1. PWM discovered why the bathroom is right beside the front door. It was added after the house was built. Apparently, they originally “made other arrangements” (I assume they used an outhouse). The lower half of the stairway is more narrow than the upper half because they had to take some stair space in order to make the bathroom. So it wasn’t just a design choice.

2. ‘Tis the time of year to change from storm windows to screens. In our last house, this just meant raising the window. In this house, we have to take out the storm windows and put in the screens – at least in the old part of the house. After we figure out which screens go with which windows!

3. Then there is the fact that the windows have been painted shut. PWM spent a good bit of yesterday evening cutting through the paint and then trying to actually open the windows. Some of the windows actually opened.

4. The old part of the house still has knob and tube electrical wiring. So, we’ve had three electricians come in to 004give us estimates on the cost for redoing all the electrical. Yay.

5. I’m about ready for a dishwasher, but we discovered that we need a plumber to come in first and modernize some plumbing behind the current (broken) dishwasher.

6. There’s a basketball hoop and blacktop area in the back yard for Wild Man to shoot hoops.

7. PWM and I have started thinking about what we’re going to do in the cottage to make it a shop. We found out that the building used to be a blacksmith shop! It’s most recent incarnation was a chiropractic office that included a kitchen, so our main goals are to take out the appliances, update the bathroom, and repaint. But it won’t happen overnight.

This house is proving to be a source of adventure and challenge!!

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