Saturday, April 13, 2013

Our Week In Review–April 13, 2013


This was one of those weeks when we didn’t stick to much of a schedule, but lots of learning got done anyway.

Wild Man

History/Social Science – Early 20th century, unions, settlement houses, Woodrow Wilson, beginning of WWI.

Science – We watched a NOVA episode on the elements which was surprisingly comprehensive as well as entertaining.

Literature – He is reading To Kill A Mockingbird.

Math – Probability, fractions, percentages, decimals

Test Preparation – This was the interesting part of the week. PWM and I have been concerned that Wild Man isn’t a great test taker, so I had him take practice ACT English, Reading, and Science tests. His scores on all of them were in the mid to high 20s!! I didn’t have him take a Math test since he’s only in Algebra 1. Overall, I’m quite pleased. He may have some time issues, so we’ll practice that over the next year, but he is a pretty good test-taker. Yippee!!

Music – The high school music department went to see The Lion King at the PAC on Tuesday night. PWM and Rosie Girl had tickets for the same night, so everyone except me got to go (which was OK since I had a headache). Wild Man also played for the opening worship service of the Forest Lakes District Conference Meeting which was held at our church this weekend. The high school band was supposed to play that night at the Timber Rattlers baseball game, but the game was canceled due to snow.

Rosie Girl

Life Skills – This week was exciting for Rosie Girl because she bought her car! She and PWM found the car on Monday and brought it to a mechanic on Wednesday to be checked out. They went back Friday to pay for it (after it had the window tinting removed) and do all the paperwork. And it is now hers!! And she is thrilled!!

Literature – She is reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass.

Psychology – Enjoying her reading about cognition.

Japanese – Still working on Rosetta Stone

Math – More ALEKS.

Music – Practicing for her recital

Dance – She missed her tap class and assisting with tap and ballet because of bad weather this week. Ick.

Maybe we didn’t get all the boxes checked like I’d normally like, but there was definitely some educating going on!

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And let me know what you’ve been up to!

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Beth said...

I have also given my son practice tests and prep for tests -- I want him to be able to know what to expect and to have confidence.