Saturday, April 06, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday–um, Saturday April 6, 2013


I’m writing with a migraine today which means I’ll be either really depressing or really silly. Let’s see what comes out.

1. My parents were beyond apologetic that they forgot to send the chocolate Easter bunnies this year. We were actually OK with it – we didn’t have any Easter candy. But, my parents, being who they are, sent the bunnies this week. Wild Man’s became decapitated when he dropped it, but he said that just made eating it more humane instead of slowly munching off the ears like I did. Ick.

2. We weren’t completely without sweets this week. I made a chocolate pound cake on Monday. That stuck to the bottom of the pan. I should have taken a picture because that poor cake looked so sad. But it tasted good.

3. And I made a caramel sauce to go with it. But, the caramel seized up halfway through and I had to strain out the hard candied bits. Again, though, it tasted good.

4. I did clothes at the laundromat this week because it would be faster than trying to get them all done at the old house one. load. at. a. time. Indeed, the laundromat was faster – 2 triple load washers and 2 extra large load washers full of clothes. And, it was sociable. I talked with the owner, who also uses Sonlight for homeschooling, as well as a couple of other customers. It was . . . dare I say it? . . . fun! (But tiring. All. those. clothes.)

5. The state of Florida was discovered by Europeans 500 years ago as of April 2nd. This is interesting to me because I lived in South Florida till I was 18.

6. I woke up today to see an inch of snow on the ground (which may help explain the migraine). Talk about depressing. But, it’s 2pm and it’s already melted. Maybe spring will get here after all.

7. The Knitting Nest is on Pinterest! So, check out our boards. Mostly, though, this is a reason for me to spend more time on Pinterest!!

So, what’s up with you!

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