Sunday, October 28, 2012

Our Week In Review–The One Where We’re Still Behind


I kind of hate to say that we’re “behind” because homeschoolers can make their own schedules, right? But, both my kids are high schoolers and want to have their summers off, so we need to get a full credit’s worth of each subject done in 36 weeks or they’ll be doing schoolwork in the summer, which no one likes!!

I had hoped to get Wild Man all caught up this week, but my headaches were bad again, so I couldn’t stay right on top of everything he was doing. He got a normal week’s worth of work done, but not enough to get caught up. Rosie Girl is a bit behind, largely because she had the ACT on Saturday and was a little stressed about that.

Wild Man

He’s about done with the Revolutionary War in history and is learning about the Constitution. He and Rosie Girl and I had a great educational discussion about the Electoral College the other day.

I’ve done some of his science reading with him because it’s the one book that tends to go over his head. His most recent topic was mountains. Before that, we read about earthquakes and fault lines. This was pretty cool since he went with Grandma to California a couple of years ago and saw the San Andreas fault and the Rocky Mountains.

He wrote a nice paragraph for me on the solar system. He doesn’t have any trouble with organizing his ideas, so writing reports and essays won’t be a big deal. However, we are going to need to work on grammar issues like fragments and run-ons. Rosie Girl will quite often use fragments in her writing, but she uses them knowingly and for effect. Wild Man – not so much. (yes, that was a fragment!!)

The one thing Wild Man does plenty of is music. He and Rosie Girl played again at the nursing home on Monday. He also played with the youth worship band on Wednesday night. Lots and lots of music has been going on around here. And Christmas is around the corner!

Rosie Girl

Rosie Girl took the ACT with Writing yesterday. She wasn’t crazy about taking it again – although this is the first time she’s taken the writing portion. Overall, she thinks she did OK. Her previous scores were good, but I wanted her to take the test with writing in case she needs it for scholarship reasons.

Overall, Rosie Girl is caught up on things. The one place that she’s behind is in writing. I cut one of her assignments since we were behind and I wanted her to practice for the ACT. She still owes me one or two papers, though. And I’d like to see her doing more math every day so we can get Algebra 2 over and done with, especially since she starts Dave Ramsey Personal Finance next week.

And, of course there’s music. Rosie Girl is doing lots of piano practice for her audition in February as well as just general playing piano, ocarina, and guitar. She continues with composition lessons as well.


That’s where we are in the education department. Overall, not too bad, but the organizational part of me really wants to have them caught up. To that end, I redid Wild Man’s schedule for this week. He’s going to have to work a little harder, but then he’ll be right where he’s supposed to be and nobody will have to worry about working on Thanksgiving or anything crazy like that!!

So, what’s up with your educational adventures?  Check out how others are doing at Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers!!

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Garden Tenders/Kim said...

You sound like you had a busy week. Everything will work out with getting caught up!

Thank you for sharing.