Wednesday, October 31, 2012

More About Headaches

So my head barely hurts right now. I know. Amazing!

I had three days of infused medications: D.H.E., Reglan, dexamethasone, magnesium, and Depacon. The first day was the hardest because the D.H.E. makes the headache temporarily worse and makes me quite nauseous. On days 2 and 3, I brought my ice packs and also took some Zofran during the late morning. I had far less headache, but I still had a fair amount of nausea. Today (day 3) was definitely the best. I started with the lowest headache level, so I ended up feeling the best afterward. And, the magnesium didn’t burn today. On the first two days, the magnesium (which was given last, thankfully) burned going in to my veins and made it so I needed new iv sites on the last two days. Today, I think the iv was in a large enough vein that the magnesium was just fine.

The plan now is for me to see the neurologist again in a couple of weeks to discuss the plan of treatment. I’m also going to Physical Therapy and trying to slowly increase my neck exercises. My neck is still really sore and that may be why the two weeks prior to this were so bad.

So, let’s pray that this reprieve lasts several days!

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