Saturday, October 20, 2012

Our Week In Review–The One Where We’re So Far Behind


The grandparents are all back in Florida and we’re supposed to be getting back to normal. Except that we’re not. Back to normal, that is.

I was overwhelmed with headaches this week which, of course, had a negative impact on our week. But, I did manage to do a huge grocery trip to Woodman’s on Tuesday. We have plenty of meat in our freezer and candy for Halloween. The important things in life, you know.

Wild Man – The big issue for Wild Man this week was that he was behind on his schoolwork from last week and he never got caught up. In fact, I think he got further behind. Most of my non-headache time is going to be spent making sure that he is getting caught up on his work, even if he has to work longer than usual.

I’m learning to be more laid back about things. When Rosie Girl would get behind on her schoolwork, I would get all upset and worry that she was irresponsible, etc., etc. Now, I’m taking it in stride. Of course, Wild Man is behind. He’s 14 years old and needs more of a push than I could give him this last week. I’m not lecturing him about being more responsible, but I am going to try to teach him how to get caught up and stay caught up. Everyone’s life will be easier. (Poor Rosie Girl. We made all our parenting and homeschooling mistakes with her. It’s a miracle she’s survived.)

Rosie Girl – She’s getting ready for her ACT next Saturday. I had her do a timed essay this week and was pleased with the results. The rest of her ACT prep this next week is just going to be doing more math and doing some practice science questions.

Rosie Girl started her college application and got as far as the personal statement. She’s going to work on that after the ACT and will hopefully have all of the application done within the next few weeks. Of course, I need to get her transcript finalized and mailed.

The next thing after the college application is her audition, assuming that she is accepted into the university. She is hoping to audition in February, so she and her piano teacher are working to get her pieces ready. After that, she will work on the rest of her repertoire for her senior recital and any auditions for scholarships. Whew!

That was our week. How was yours? Check our Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what others are up to!!

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