Sunday, October 21, 2012

Being Domestic

So, when I quit the whole “doctor” gig (because of headaches), I figured I’d be all domestic, hence the name of this blog – “Adventures in Domesticity”. I actuality, there’s far less domesticity going on around here than you’d think for someone who stays at home as much as I do. What do I do?  Ummmmmm, I knit, read, educate the kids, and think about being domestic.

But, I was incredibly domestic yesterday. So domestic that I need to record it for posterity.

First, I sewed. As in used a sewing machine. I threaded the machine, threaded the bobbin, and sewed actual seams. What, you may ask, possessed me to try to sew? I wanted to make a project bag for knitting projects that I found on Pinterest. And I did!! I’m incredibly proud of myself.


Then I made creamy onion-garlic soup. Cooking isn’t a rare thing for me like sewing, but I did cook on the same day that I sewed.

And then I made cookies. I kind of had to make cookies because Wild Man and I (mostly Wild Man) ate the last batch a few weeks ago before PWM got any.

And I finished up by actually cleaning the kitchen – mostly. There’s still one cookie sheet to be washed, but things are overall pretty clean.

That was my “domestic” day. Have you done anything domestic lately?

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