Friday, October 19, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–October 19, 2012


1. My mom has been gone for about two weeks and we have finally found the big aluminum bowl. She may have thought that she had won by hiding it so well, but we managed to find it in less than a month. Yay! We won!!

2. This has been a terrible week for headaches, but I did have a good session at physical therapy. My therapist says that my rhomboid muscles (between my shoulder blades) are stronger and that my posture is better. Yippee!!

3. I’ve been using plastic zipper bags to keep my various knitting projects separate, but they’re not really an ideal solution. I came across a tutorial on Pinterest on how to make cloth bags, so I’m going to try that soon. Of course, it will require that I get on speaking terms with my sewing machine . . . .

4. Wild Man (age 14) needs a photo ID to get his passport even though he’s not in school (so he doesn’t have a school ID) and he isn’t old enough to drive (so he doesn’t have a driver’s license).  Sooooo, we’ll be going to the DMV and getting him a photo ID next week. Later the same day, we’ll take the exact same pieces of paper that he used to get the ID from the DMV to the courthouse and use them plus the brand new photo ID to apply for his passport. Does anyone else see the psychosis in this???? (Thankfully, Rosie Girl has a driver’s license so we get to skip this craziness for her.)

5. When my parents were here, my mom bought a bunch of scarf yarn and has been knitting up a storm!! It sounds like she’s still knitting like a crazy woman because she had PWM send her some more yarn and some hand-turned needles this week. I may have created a monster. Oh, well . . . .

6. My computer has taken to overheating again. From what I’ve read online, the next step is to actually take the bottom off and clean out the area around the fan and heat sink. Really? I think I’m going to see if I can bribe PWM to do that so I can play with pretty fabric and the sewing machine.

7. Rosie Girl started her college application this week. I’m trying to keep my hyperventilating down to a minimum. And I’m pretty unsuccessful.

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