Friday, October 26, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–October 26, 2012


I’m feeling a bit rebellious and using Comic Sans today!

1. Here’s a great little post showing the various ways people in this country say the plural of “you”. It doesn’t show on the map, but there are four people in Wisconsin who say “ya’ll”!!

2. I’ve had migraines on four of the last five days, but have only been able to take Imitrex on two of these days. It’s not been good. But, since I’m seeing a Neurologist again, I’m scheduled to have three days of IV meds next week. it sounds like more fun than I could ever have imagined, particularly since I’m such a needle-a-phobe. Prayers are appreciated.

3. Less than two weeks ago, I got Winter of the World by Ken Follett from the library. It’s 900 pages long and I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to finish it before it’s due since it’s a short-loan book and I only get to keep it for two weeks. Guess what?! I finished it! I’ll probably review it (and some other books) soon. Overall, I liked it – which is  why I kept reading it enough to finish it in two weeks.

4. Internet Monk is doing a book club in November. I’m hoping to join in on the first and the last books. Unfortunately, the first one is on Glorious Ruin: How Suffering Sets You Free and it’s still on hold for me at the library. I do have, though, Julian of Norwich: A Contemplative Biography, which I’ve started reading and really enjoy.

5. I’m in a knitting rut. I have several projects that I need to finish for personal or shop reasons, but I’m not terribly motivated to work on them right now. The migraines haven’t helped, although I often knit while I listen to books or music. I’ll finish them eventually.

6. Have you heard of The Piano Guys? You really should check out their music. Not only are they insanely talented as musicians, but they have amazing videos. And they have Wild Man fascinated by Bach and Beethoven and Pachelbel! Their CD should be out now, too – although, I bought most of their songs individually since Rosie Girl and I wanted to have them for our trip to the Twin Cities last month.

7. Rosie Girl takes the ACT for the last time tomorrow morning. Her scores have been quite good, but this time she’s also taking the writing portion just in case she needs it for scholarships. She’s not so thrilled about taking it again, but this is the last time. After this, it’s time to focus on the college applications!

So, what’s going on in your world? Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others are up to!!

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