Friday, October 12, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–October 12, 2012



1. I can’t say that this has been a great week for me. Early last Friday morning, I fell and hit my head on an end table. For a couple of days, my fibromyalgia flared and I had acute neck and shoulder pain. On Monday and Wednesday, I saw Physical Therapy which has been helpful. I was already on steroids to break a bad migraine, which is probably why I have only had one significant migraine since the fall, but I have had lots of persistent neck and shoulder pain and just chronic headache. Ick. OK, done complaining (for the moment).

2. We’ve had PWM’s mom visiting this week. It’s been nice to have someone else cooking again this week as well as the company.

3. Between two weeks of grandparents and my headaches from h*ll, the kids have gotten behind where I’d like them to be for school. I think there will be lots of math getting done in this house next week.

4. We discovered a new TV show. Actually, Rosie Girl discovered it – and now we’re all watching last year’s episodes on Netflix at our own pace. It’s “Once Upon A Time”. We mostly watch cooking and documentary types of TV shows around here, but it’s nice to find a TV show with plot that we like.

5. I got a new book from the library a few days ago. It’s a short loan – 2 weeks – and 900 pages. I love to read, but I’m just not sure I’m going to get through the entire book in two weeks. I may end up having to wait till I get my turn to get it on audiobook.

6. Wild Man is playing mandolin at church again this week. It really is kind of crazy how he can just pick up a guitar-like instrument and play.

7.  Rosie Girl is teaching piano lessons and doing demonstrating for some dance classes this year and is loving it. She hasn’t minded babysitting in the past, but teaching really seems to be more fun for her. And she really works at finding ways to help her piano student learn. She has far more patience than I!

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