Monday, October 08, 2012



How about some unrelated trivia about life? OK? Good.

1. I changed my blog theme again for anyone who comes to the page to read it. Hope it’s not too disorienting that I keep changing it. This time, though, I needed to make this blog different from The Knitting Nest blog page so I could remember what I was supposed  to be writing!!

2. Wild Man is borrowing a friend’s “cajon” to play for youth worship a couple of weeks ago and is also going to be playing it for “grown-up” worship this Sunday. Don’t know what a “cajon” is? That’s OK. Neither did I. “Cajon” is the Spanish word for box. Here’s a link to one in a catalog. Basically, the musician sits on top of it and produces different sounds (snare, bass drum, etc.) by striking different parts of the front of the box. Cool, huh?

3. We had a day of overlapping grandparent visits. Now, though, just Grandma is here. Since PWM and I were both at the shop on Saturday, but neither kid had plans, Grandma took them to Roche-a-Cri state park. It was chilly and overcast, but they had a good time walking trails and doing some (unsuccessful) geo-caching.

4. I had an Occupational Therapy appointment today since I’ve been having some neck and shoulder pain after I used my laptop while it was sitting on a desk for entirely too long about a month or six weeks ago. But, since I took my little fall on Friday morning, my neck and shoulder are now acutely injured and painful. The therapists had a little conference and had me see a Physical Therapist today for my initial evaluation and treatment. Once we get past this injury, I’ll get my lecture on how to properly use my laptop (i.e. don’t be STUPID)!

5. This post is being written at 10pm with the definite hope that I will not be up till some crazy hour of the morning with steroid-induced insomnia. That’s what I’m praying for anyway.

6. And where the heck are my size zero 40 inch cable needles??!!!! Probably at the shop. But, I really wanted to start my second entrelac sock tonight. Did I mention that steroids also make me a bit psychotic?

7. I DVR’d last week’s presidential candidate debate and we watched it tonight with the kids. I was actually pretty impressed with their insights and analysis. Maybe they are actually learning something!

8. Monday = laundry. Unfortunately, I got started a bit late today because of my appointment, so laundry may go into Tuesday. Let’s hope I’m not still working on it when Sunday rolls around. Winking smile

So, that’s what’s up around here? Anything new with you?

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