Friday, October 05, 2012

7 Quick Takes Friday–October 5, 2012



This has been quite the week – many more than seven things have happened, but I’ll see if I can get it down to the seven most interesting.

1. My parents arrived on Saturday afternoon just as our knitting class was ending. We got to show them around the shop since the last time that they saw the building, it was just two empty rooms. Now, though, it is two rooms full of yarn, notions, and books. PWM and I are pretty darn proud of our little knitting shop!

2. My mom took over custody of the kitchen Saturday night after I made some spaghetti. I felt kind of bad because she took over before I had gotten everything nice and clean for  her, but she likes to clean and said she was happy, so I guess it’s all OK. They leave tomorrow morning which means that I have to take back custody of the kitchen. Actually, than means I have to make the kids fill and empty the dishwasher and PWM and I will alternate the rest of the kitchen cleaning. And Grams will come back in a year or two and give the kitchen a deep cleaning again.

3. I don’t need to cook for a good week or so, though, since Grams cooked double the amount that we needed at each meal. The refrigerator is completely full! No arguments from me. I was having too many headaches to cook this week. If it had been up to me, people would have had lots of sandwiches.

4. Grams and Rosie Girl spent the day together today. They started by making the soup for dinner tonight. Then Rosie Girl did her schoolwork while Grams came to the shop to buy more yarn than she’ll ever use. Then, they drove to Stevens Point so Rosie Girl could demonstrate during two dance classes. Of course, they needed a Starbucks break on the way home! Overall, it sounds like they had a very nice girls’ afternoon out.

5. I’m now on dexamethasone for a week and a half to try to break my headache cycle. I’m headache-y tonight because of the weather change, but the medication (which is a steroid) has me pretty hopped up! I got lots of work done at the shop today and I’m not very tired yet. Hence the blogging at 1am.

6. Grams decided that she needed to hem some pants tonight. Unfortunately, I don’t have a good relationship with my sewing machine. I managed to get it working a few weeks ago to make a bag for Rosie Girl’s Zelda costume, so I tried the same thing again tonight with no luck. Then Grams tried. With no luck. So we got Rosie Girl out of bed. And she had it working in about 25 seconds. This is what you get when you have a grandmother with a gift of shopping and a mother with a gift of knitting facing a sewing machine. We’re pathetic.

7. It’s always interesting to see what the parents think of our current state of home education. This time, Grandpa was very taken with the Smithsonian/DK book Earth that Wild Man uses for Earth Science. Rosie Girl used it 4 years ago. I would have her read a section and write a response every week. That worked great until she gave me a haiku about volcanoes. The next week, I requested prose again. Wild Man isn’t as comfortable writing yet, so I give him a question to answer about what he reads each day. My dad was really impressed about the level of information, but was shocked that the book was only $25. And, truly, I think it’s some of the best $25 we’ve spent in high school home education. And then Grandpa and I talked some about Bible curricula, especially since I’ve veered away from formal curricula. Wild Man is reading N.T. Wright commentaries which are written at about a high school level. Rosie Girl spent the last two years reading the Bible along with some basic introductory and cultural material. She’s studying world religions right now. Grandpa and I share a strong conviction that we would understand the Bible better if we would pay more attention to the cultural time and location of the writers and readers of the text.

That’s been our week. Lots of headache, lots of good food, lots  of yarn, lots of learning. How about yours?

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