Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Being Awake At Midnight

So, I’m awake at 12:18am. And I don’t actually have a rip-roaring migraine right now. No, I’m awake right now because I was up at 4am with a rip-roaring migraine which required that I take a 3 1/2 hour nap at 3pm, thereby throwing off what little bit of a normal circadian rhythm I may have had.

What does a homeschooling mom do at 12:18am? Not calmly knit because all is right in the world. Well, actually, the kitchen is clean and the laundry is going because I took care of those items around 11pm.

No, I’m scheduling out this week’s schoolwork for Wild Man. Wait, how can that be, since it’s early Wednesday morning? Shouldn’t he already be done with Monday and Tuesday’s work? You’d think, wouldn’t you? Actually, he started this week working on last Tuesday and Wednesday’s work. Yeah, not good.

Monday wasn’t a stellar day for education in our house. Wild Man and PWM went to the DMV first thing in the morning to get a photo ID because the Clerk of Court said that Wild Man needed a photo ID for his passport application. (Wild Man and Rosie Girl are going to Ireland with Grandma next summer.)  What was crazy was that the pieces of paper he used to get his DMV photo ID were the same ones he needed for the passport application. Crazy.

I was supposed to be gone for several hours on Monday for a doctor’s appointment, but I had a migraine (yes, a migraine Monday and Tuesday – not a good week). You’d think that a migraine would be a great time to go to the doctor’s office, but my appointment was for a physical so I just canceled.

A little later in the afternoon, though, we did go to the Clerk of Court office to do the passport applications for the kids. (I had a little “convenience bag” in case my migraine nausea made another appearance.) When we got there, we found out that Wild Man did NOT need the DMV photo ID that he and PWM had gotten earlier that day. Sigh. Well, everything else went smoothly and both kids’ applications were turned in without incident.

But not much schoolwork got done, at least on Wild Man’s part. Rosie Girl wasn’t very far behind and I think she stayed pretty caught up.

I had high hopes for Wild Man getting all of last week’s work done on Tuesday, but, alas, it was not to be. Mostly because my migraine was really, really bad so I wasn’t up to nagging Wild Man enough.

So, the plan is for Wild Man to come to the shop with me tomorrow (assuming I’m not having another migraine – if I am, all bets are off for my sanity) and do his work up there so that PWM and I can both keep him focused.

And on Thursday, he’ll start this week’s work. One day he’ll catch up. I hope. I’m going to schedule everything out so I can then calmly knit until I’m sleepy.

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