Saturday, January 22, 2011

Our Week In Review – 1/22/2011


It’s been a COOOOOOLD week here in the Great White North!  But, being homeschoolers, that doesn’t affect our school plans!  (OK, it didn’t really affect the public schooled kids either.)

Rosie Girl

It was finals week at the high school this week, so Rosie Girl only had Art class one day.  The Art teacher doesn’t give a final exam, so they watched a video about the history of animation.  Rosie Girl was not impressed.  Oh well.

This was the first week of Rosie Girl’s Research Paper workshop through Write At Home.  She’s decided to write about the history of anime and manga.

Rosie Girl is more than 70% through her Geometry course.  It would be nice if she could go ahead and start Algebra 2 this year so she could finish all her Math credits before her senior year.

Chemistry is going much better, but I am going to start having Rosie Girl turn in her assignment on Thursday because she ends up not finishing on Friday and needing help on Saturday.

Wild Man

Vision Therapy is all done!!  Wild Man had his last session on Monday and PWM and I meet with the doctor next Tuesday for his wrap-up.

Wild Man is making phenomenal progress in Math – and he’s learning from the ALEKS program and only having to have PWM explain a few items.

I’m continually impressed with Wild Man’s reading progress.  He read some of his History book to me this week.  Last night, he read from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows because PWM has a cold.

We actually did Science this week!!  Wild Man and I are reading Food and Nutrition for Every Kid.  We haven’t done any activities yet, but we probably will.

I found the Spelling folder so now we have all of our materials to do Spelling lessons!  That doesn’t mean that we’ve actually DONE any Spelling, but now we can!

That was our week – not too exciting, but everyone is learning.  Check out Weird, Unsocialized Homeschoolers to see what others have been up to.

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