Saturday, January 29, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday – OK, Saturday 1/29/2011


I ended up with a migraine last night, so 7 Quick Takes is a little late today.  Just pretend that it’s Friday to humor me.

1. The kids and I got new cell phones this week.  We all three now have slide-out or flip-up keyboards to make texting easier.  (Before this, Rosie Girl had a slide-out keyboard.  PWM still has a Blackberry.)  Texting can be so much more convenient at times, so I’m happy about my phone.  It also came with earbuds and and clip on microphone so I can use it hands-free in the car – which is important since talking on a cell phone that you’re holding while driving is illegal in our county.

2. Here are pictures of my latest knitting projects.  They are for my cousins, so I’ll hopefully get them mailed on Monday.  As you can see, I’ve really gotten into color work.  The mittens are from a kit by Knit Picks.  The gloves are a generic glove pattern that I put the design on.

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3. Wild Man is learning about Russia, so we watched Fiddler on the Roof last night.  I cried.

4. Our Wii quit working last week.  PWM did some research, bought the parts, and is now fixing it.  Despite having a Wii-less week, the children seem to have survived.  Nice to know they can live without their game system.

5. The more I learn about knitting, the more I realize I need to learn!  I bought a kit for making a Fair Isle (stranded knitting) sweater.  I read the directions last night in detail.  Wow.  It’s going to be an adventure!!

6. Speaking of adventures, PWM has learned to knit!  He’s got down knitting, purling, and basic increasing and decreasing.  He’s also hoping to learn Tunisian crochet – which I also want to learn, but I have too many projects currently on the needles to do it now.

7. And yet more knitting stuff – I’ve been making my own patterns for wrist warmers.  I’ve got a couple that are about done and I’ll post pictures after I block them.  I’m going to put these for sale up at our local coffee shop.  (I haven’t ever sold my knitting because I’ve been working from other people’s patterns and I’ve also been working on gifts most of the time!)

So, how was your week?  Check out 7 Quick Takes Friday to see what others have been up to!

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Diane said...

Speaking of phones, my son got me a blackberry for Christmas. I am in love. Texting is so much easier.