Friday, January 07, 2011

7 Quick Takes Friday – 1/7/2011


1. Cotton Bowl!!  LSU vs. Texas A&M!!  So far, I’m not real thrilled.

2. I quit the elimination diet after 5 days.  Not only did I have worse-than-usual headaches the whole time, but I was getting terribly depressed (i.e. much crying, etc.).  I suspect that my normal diet has more tryptophan which keeps my serotonin level (along with my anti-depressant) reasonably stable.  After two days of my normal, reasonably healthy, diet, I’m feeling much better in terms of mood and headaches.

3. Rosie Girl got her temps (learner’s driving permit) today!!  She was supposed to start driving class on Monday, but there weren’t enough students signed up, so she has to take the class that starts in three weeks.  She went ahead and got her temps today, though, instead of waiting for the first week of class (like most kids do) because she turns 16 in the middle of June and she has to have her temps for six months before she can get her license.  It’s hard to imagine my little girl being able to drive!

4. Wild Man is at our church’s district youth conference.  He was sooooooo excited about being able to go!  Of course, as his mom, I was a little distressed by the lack of socks and undergarments that he packed, but we took care of it.  He’ll be back on Sunday – and I’m betting that he’s going to sleep very, very well!

5. I had a flat tire today after I dropped Wild Man at church.  When it was 10 degrees outside.  Thankfully, PWM had been at church, as well, so he came to help me (i.e fix the tire).  Unfortunately, the spare is in a strange place in the van and it was stuck in place (hadn’t been replaced properly).  We drove the other car to pick up some of those cans that you can use to partially reinflate a tire and PWM got the tire in condition to drive to a gas station and completely reinflate it.  The van needs to have an oil change, anyway, so we’ll get the tires looked at too.  Poor PWM, though, was really cold.

6. I’m reading The Blue Parakeet by Scot McKnight and loving it.  It’s about reading the Bible as story.  I’ve, of course, also got several books checked out from the library.  I’ll try to review them in a somewhat timely fashion (yeah, right!).

7. PWM and I watched “Expelled” last night.  I really enjoy documentary films, but I didn’t like this one at all.  It was so obviously propaganda, particularly with all the images meant to evoke the Nazis.  Not only that, but it did not stick with it’s topic.  It started with the exploration of academic freedom, but then became a discussion of the viability of Darwinian evolution.  They film asserted that an acceptance of evolution leads to atheism, a position with which I disagree.  As does the Biologos foundation.

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