Friday, January 21, 2011

Dreaming . . . and planning

I love to knit.  Something I love almost as much as knitting is yarn shops.  I just can’t get enough of yarn shops.  I love the smell and feel of the yarn.  I like to compare kinds and colors.  I enjoy planning my next set of knitting projects.  And I love knitting needles.  And notions – row counters, markers, etc.  Yeah.  Pretty much the whole yarn/knitting thing.

In the last few years I’ve dreamed about owning a yarn shop.  I would love to spend my days playing with yarn, knitting, teaching others to knit, etc.

So, PWM and I are moving from the dreaming phase to the planning phase.  PWM crochets and is learning to knit since I can’t be counted on to not have migraines ;-)  Not only that, he has more of the entrepreneurial spirit than I have.  And he enjoys yarn – although he’s not obsessed about it like I am.  Both kids also think it’s a pretty cool idea, even though we told them that the plan would be to buy a downtown building and live in part and make a shop out of the other part. 

So far, we’ve ordered a booklet from The National NeedleArts Association.  And we’ve made a bunch of lists.  We’re not in a big hurry.

Pray for us!  And come buy yarn from us – one of these days.


Robin said...

How exciting! It's great to have a dream and start working toward it.

Diane said...

That sounds like a huge but wonderful task. I also adore yarn. I would definitely visit if I loved close.