Thursday, April 01, 2010

Silly Children With Cell Phones

My kids are great, but they are also silly. Rosie Girl is on the choir trip to Washington D.C., so she has texted us on occasion to let us know how things are going. Today, she texted Wild Man to say that she had bought him a souvenir. He texted back to ask what it was. And, she said that she wasn't going to tell - he'd have to wait till she got home!

So, later, Wild Man texted Rosie Girl to say that Grandma had come to visit a day early (she's expected tomorrow). Rosie Girl responded by saying, "Cool. Tell her I said Hi." Wild Man texted back, "April Fool!" According to Wild Man, Rosie's response was something along the lines of "Grrrrrrrr!"

I love that my kids are friends with each other. They fuss and argue and generally make me crazy sometimes, but overall they like each other. And I think they might miss each other right now. A tiny little bit!

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