Friday, April 30, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – April 30, 2010


1. My baby boy turns 12 years old tomorrow!!  I can’t even believe it!!!  I’ve baked and frosted his cake, but the decorating will wait till tomorrow when he and his friends are at Chuck E. Cheese for lunch and games and I am at home NOT getting a headache from all the noise and craziness!

2. I’ve started a lot of seeds indoors already and the cucumbers are coming up far more quickly than I expected.  I am trying to wait until Monday to put them in their final containers.  Two are going to be grown upside down in old ice cream buckets while another will be grown in the “official” Topsy Turvy bag.  We’re trying to see if using the bag actually makes a difference in outcome.

3. Rosie Girl and PWM are having a Zelda video game competition.  They are playing Twilight Princess on Wii and the one to beat Ganon in the shortest period of game play time wins.  Since the Wii keeps track of the time the player has played, it’s an easy and fun way for them to play against each other.

4. It’s raining pretty hard right now and the thunder and lightening have passed, so the kids (age 11 and 14, remember) are out playing in the rain.  What silly children!

5. The Next Food Network Star starts in June!!  It’s one of my favorite food competition shows.  It’s more family friendly than Top Chef (which I won’t let Wild Man watch because of the language) and lets you follow the competitors (unlike Chopped which only has them on for one show).  Check out the promo video!


6. Speaking of cooking and competition shows, it was a pretty cool coincidence that this week on Chef Vs. City (Atlanta) the chefs had to make oriental noodles using traditional Chinese technique and also on The Amazing Race, in Shanghai, the competitors had to make oriental noodles using the same technique.  Wild Man and I thought it was pretty neat to see both shows in the same week!

7. Wild Man’s socks are coming along quite nicely – I just started the heel flap.  Unfortunately, these  socks have more mistakes than any I have made.  Whenever I made a mistake, though, Wild Man told me not to worry about it and not to rip out my work – I think he’s afraid I’ll never finish them!  In my defense, though, Wild Man picked a pattern with very tricky cables!

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