Friday, April 16, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – April 16, 2010

Friday!!  Let’s get going:

1. I’m posting this from my rocking chair and my brand new laptop computer!!  Yippee!!  Mr. Math Tutor got the computer for me last night from WalMart so I’ve been learning to use it and setting up my software today.

2. It’s serious allergy season around here.  I only took my Zyrtec last night and forgot to use my Flonase, so I’ve been sneezing up a storm!!  I won’t forget my meds again and I’m praying for a rainstorm to get the pollen out of the air.  Although I’m wondering if I could get dehydrated from all this mucus production.

3. My doctor increased my Topamax last week.  There’s a reason that it’s nicknamed “Dopamax” by doctors – it makes thinking slow and word-finding difficult.  The kids are mildly entertained when I can’t say what I want, but I get highly frustrated.  Thankfully, it should only last about a month.  It will be worth it if it works.

4. My seeds came in the mail today.  I hope for nice weather and no migraine tomorrow so I can get the other outdoor bed ready and get my indoor pots ready.

5. Wild Man put all his Lego heads in a pile today and told me he was playing French Revolution.  It’s dangerous to teach history to a 12 year old.  He later put all the heads on his Lego people and had a Medieval/Futuristic/Skeletal battle – so much for history.

6. I think I’m doing a nostalgia thing right now – I’m listening to Pride and Prejudice on mp3 and reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.  Not at the same time, though.

7. The only thing more crazy that going grocery shopping at Woodman’s late on Friday afternoon is going grocery shopping at Woodman’s late on Friday afternoon with Mr. Math Tutor!  He’s not as bad as the kids about putting stuff in the cart, but he is entertaining nonetheless.

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