Friday, April 09, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday

1. Mr. Math Tutor and I went to the visitation at the funeral home for the 9 year old boy we knew who died of cancer.  I was glad to get a chance to hug his parents and see the little boy for the last time.  It really provided a sense of closure.

2. I wore my new sweater to church on Easter Sunday (but the pictures were taken after church when I had changed into my jeans).  The yarn is silk and bamboo and feels just luscious!!  (The sweater did end up a little longer than I planned, but overall, I’m happy with it.)


3. I ordered seeds last night for the garden and the front flowerbeds.  I also ordered some seeds for herbs which I’ll grow in pots.  More on all that later.

4. Mr. Math Tutor and I discovered Half Price Books tonight, a used book store in Appleton.  My goodness, we could have spent our kids’ inheritance, if they had one!!  Our primary objective, though, was to get books for Wild Man to take on his trip with Grandma since it’s too long a trip to take library books (and there’s entirely too much chance they’ll get lost).  Nonetheless, we found a set of language learning CDs in Japanese for Rosie Girl who has been picking up all kinds of Japanese from watching Japanese anime, and a set of DVDs about military airplanes for Wild Man.

5. Grandma is thinking about renting the house next door.  She wouldn’t live here full time, but it would be very convenient for her to have a place to stay when she does come.  Right now, she and the owners are negotiating price – Mr. Math Tutor and I hope it works out, but we’re staying out of the discussions.

6. We had 4 inches of snow yesterday.  This doesn’t really surprise me, but it did upset me because I’m pretty sure that the weather system that brought the snow also caused my headache!!

7. Why is it that when Wild Man can’t find his Explode the Code book, he thinks five minutes is long enough to look before deciding that it vaporized into thin air, but when he can’t find his Artemis Fowl book before bed, he has to spend thirty minutes looking?  It’s a mystery, I tell you!!

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Robin said...

Love the sweater!