Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Works for Me Wednesday – April 28, 2009


A couple of years ago, when we started working on Sonlight Core 6, we needed to put a world map up on a wall in our house.  The problem was that we had no wall space.  We put the map on the dining room wall just beside the dining room table.  When we started American History (Core 3+4 for Wild Man and Core 100 for Rosie Girl) this year, we moved the world map several inches over and put an American map up beside it.


I never really thought that maps would be an integral part of my dining room decor, but I have found it useful for several reasons.

1. It is a central location for when someone needs to look up a location – when reading a book, when studying an area, or when something gets mentioned on TV.

2. We often look at the map and talk about places during mealtimes.

3. When the kids’ friends come over, conversations often start over the maps.

Having maps in the dining room may be one of the typically homeschooling things to do, but it has it’s advantages!!

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The Mother said...

I have a huge whiteboard in my kitchen. I can no longer imagine life without it.