Friday, April 23, 2010

7 Quick Takes Friday – April 23, 2010

I still have 37 minutes in which to get this post done and still have it be on Friday, so let’s get going!

1. Tonight was Arti Gras at the local Middle School and High School (we’re in a small town, so the schools are all on one campus).  Rosie Girl had two art pieces displayed, and PWM and I enjoyed seeing all work by the other students as well.  In addition, some students put on some comedy sketches, then Rosie Girl played a piano piece and some of the other students sang their pieces from solo and ensemble.  Then, two singing ensembles, one of which included Rosie Girl, performed.  Our “artiste” was in her element!!


2. Rosie Girl is having a friend sleep over tonight so that they can have a Lord of the Rings marathon since her friend has never seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  I know!!  Can you imagine?!  So, yes, we are making sure to help this young woman become appropriately acculturated this weekend!!

3. I got some new yarn this week so I’m trying to finish Wild Man’s socks and I’ve started a new sweater for me.  I’m making a short sleeved raglan for which I’ve kind of made up my own pattern.  I sure hope it works!!

4. Speaking of yarn, I’ve started buying a lot of my yarn from  I love the quality of what I’ve been getting and the prices are great.

5. More knitting stuff – I’ve been knitting continental style (holding the yarn in my left hand) for the last several years, but I still find that doing right leaning cables or cables where the needle has to go in the back of the work is quite awkward when I’m working continental style, so I often switch back to “throwing” to work the cable rows.  Does anyone else find this to be an issue?

6. I’m loving my new computer.  Right now I’m trying to transfer files from my old computer over to this one.  I got all the pictures over to this computer, but I realized that I have several thousand and it might be a wise idea for me to burn a DVD for more permanent storage as well as to just weed through and get rid of some of the just completely useless pictures.  But, having this super-speedy laptop is wonderful.  And we’ll only be eating peanut butter and jelly for a month or so (I’m totally kidding on that!!).

7. I’ve been re-reading the Harry Potter books – I’m halfway through the second one – and I’m impressed yet once again at JK Rowling’s genius.  I’ll write a post next week sometime with details, but the foreshadowing and the amazing world she created just blows me away!

So, I managed to finish and it’s still Friday!!  Check out Conversion Diary to see what others are saying at 7 Quick Takes Friday!

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